Mozilla plan to bring out Firefox 4, A high speed web browser

| May 11, 2010

Mozilla has announced a revised plan for releasing Firefox 4, a plan which was initially put forward last year and also included versions 3.6 and 3.7 for Firefox. The new proposed plan is without the Firefox release 3.7.

Mozilla is committed to release new Firefox 4 max by November this year, with a first beta version will be available by end of June before Mozilla summit in July. This is indeed a very aggressive approach by Mozilla keeping in mind a release of Firefox 3.6 early this year. Mozilla has clear goal behind new version of its widely used web browser that is more high browsing speed.

News breaks out through Mozilla’s Vice President of Firefox Engineering, Mr., Mike Beltzner, who emphasized that efficient execution is our prime objective, and thus the main focus is towards the performance of Firefox 4 and we have produced exactly this and we will be working hard to maintain the path.

While speed gonna be the main feature for Firefox 4, there are other attributes planned for new release. Amongst other new features is high speed graphics support for images but more unique ones are texting on windows through Direct2D, more refined user friendly interface, powerful tabs, compatibility with many various new technologies over the web, support for 64-bit versions and multi-touch interface support.

Performance of Firefox 4 will be backed by the improved performance with following web browser’s attributes!

  • Time taken to setup a program.
  • Time taken to load a web page.
  • Reactivity of the user interface to different instructions, e.g., switching between tabs, opening new tabs etc.
  • Execution speed of the web based JS programs.

Moreover, the Firefox programmers will also be working closely on more speed enhancements, which may include altering the order of web page elements that appear on the screen and the visual aspect of progress bar.

Since the introduction of Microsoft’s IE 9 and Google’s Chrome in web browser market, things have certainly heated up as far as competition is concerned. Therefore, Speed is the one attribute that Mozilla is targeting more for its Firefox 4. No doubt, that upgrading Firefox is greatest challenge for Mozilla to penetrate through strong competition. Not only this, there are other challenging factors as well for Mozilla, making sudden changes in the interface without user feedback may affect its strong user base, Firefox is also working on expansion from simple computers to Smartphones and tablet devices and last but not the least, a list of all new web technologies that are deeply transforming browsers into a strong base for web applications.


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