Multitasking in iPhone OS 4

| April 29, 2010

Ever since when iPhone was launched, Multitasking is the main function where iPhone was criticized by and large. All Apple lovers have suffered badly for not been able to experience multitasking on iPhone, but still it didn’t make them to opt out of iPhone and that the beauty of Apple products. However, this will no longer be an issue as Apple announced the news of upcoming OS 4 for iPhone. With the announcement of OS 4.0, Apple has answered all the criticism it has faced for not supporting multitasking in iPhone as compared to other smartphones. Now if you want to switch between your applications or switch to other application while playing a game you can easily do so.

Like always, Apple strongly backs its announcement by claiming that iPhone’s multitasking service will be much better than the other smartphones in the market. The power-packed OS 4.0 will featured with a unique function of managing battery life, which gives enhanced performance of the device as compared to other devices where apps are associated with managing battery life. With the function of operating system to manage battery consumption, there will be uniformity in the usage and performance. The APIs that were required for the purpose of multitasking were supplied to developers.

These APIs are discussed in below!


Now you can enjoy listening your favorite audio songs and working on some other application simultaneously. To switch from one application to other will be done through home button. You have to wait to see if playback controls will be displayed or you need to go to the app to access them.

Voice over IP:

Taking Skype calls will be easier now; you can take Skype calls even if you are working on some other app or even if your iPhone is locked. This feature will work by a pop-up box which will appears on the screen every time you get a call and you only need to tap on that box.on it.

Location services:

Now you can use location services to get any direction while you are using some other app. whenever your iPhone switches BTS tower (cell phone towers), it can notify to the location service that the position has changed.

Push notifications:

Push notifications is the feature which was introduced in iPhone OS 3.0. Push notifications is already available to the developers of iPhone apps that runs in the background.

Task completion:

This unique multitasking feature will let any running application to first finish the job and then terminate it. You can lock your phone or work on some other app and can save a lot of time.

Fast App Switching:

OS 4.0 will take care of battery life leaving applications to manage their performance efficiently. So, whenever you switch to other app, the previous app will go into standby mode and on return it will start from the point where you left it. This will make app switching faster.


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