Top Five Web Browsers For Windows

| April 28, 2010

When it comes to surfing over the internet, the very first thing that pops up in the mind is Web browser. New technologies, tools, add-ons are consistently been develop to give users more and more efficient and speedy browsing experience.

Amongst many web browsers available in the market for different platforms, top five of the chart are Microsoft, Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera.

Many key features are common in the these browsers, such as, On page tabbed browsing, effective cookie management, Java and other plug-ins support, pop-ups blocking, web download managers, incorporated search criteria, favorites and bookmarking and development with most modern web programming languages (HTML,PHP,CSS,JavaScript etc)

Top Five Web Browsers For Windows

Listed below are top five web browsers for windows.

1. Microsoft Internet Explorer

One of the most common and widely used web browser today is Internet Explorer by IT giant Microsoft. After three years of its launch in 1995, Internet explorer surpassed Netscape in 1998 in consumer popularity. Although Internet explorer now faces a strong competition in the market with the introduction of Firefox, Chrome, safari etc but it still dominates the market share as compared to its competitors. One of the main reason behind this dominance is that it bundles with the Microsoft’s most popular Windows OS.

2. Google Chrome

Google changed the whole idea behind web browser’s interface and use by introducing Google Chrome in 2008. Google Chrome is a complete package what you would have dreamed for with its raised performance for web applications, it lets you focus more on the web. True that Chrome is pretty new in the market but with its distinct features it is emerging strongly as better web browser. Like, Safari, Chrome is also featured with Speedy Web Kit generating engine. Heightened tabbed browsing with each tab act as a separate process, it also controls site errors more quickly. All in all, Chrome has grabbed attention for processing a performance-focused JavaScript engine in a lightweight graphical user interface.

3. Opera

Opera jumps into the web browser wars with its browser launch in 1996. since then Opera has brought off to endure the competition. With its consistent innovation and advanced modifications, Opera’s web browser is now a complete Internet suit, with alike power users, fully featured chat, web, e-mail and RSS and unsent news.

Opera also ships a mini-opera browser for Java enabled mobile phone devices.

4. Firefox

Mozilla’s Firefox is known to be as inherited from revered Mosaic browser and Netscape. It is the most successful web browser available as alternate option ever since the browser war was over. Firefox is the only web browser with hundreds of extensions and add-ons. It is tailored for simplicity, enhanced security, usability and extensibility. Mozilla is also an open source free web browser having built in mail and news clients.

5- Safari

The most popular Mac web browser, Safari is introduced by Apple in 2003. It is initially only available for Mac users, but starting with its version 3, Safari is now also available for Windows. Like, Google Chrome, Safari also runs the speedy Web Kit generating engine and additionally Nitro JavaScript engine. Nitro JS engine enables faster JS execution than IR and Firefox. Since its launch, Safari has become so popular for Mac users that eventually Microsoft has to stop its development of IE for Mac. Safari is an elegant and speedy web browser and now comes default with Mac and Macintosh browser.

Moreover, Safari is also a default browser for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.


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