Go Directly to Almost Any Yahoo! Page – No Clicking Necessary

| April 28, 2010

Given a fact that Yahoo! is offering up a long list of variety of services, how one would be able to access any of Yahoo’s service easily?

Well the answer to this question is, yes you can easily navigate to most of the services that Yahoo offered on main page of Yahoo. Yahoo’s home page is equipped with links to almost all Yahoo services, and if you are unable to locate your desired link, you can still scroll down to page and can find more links to Yahoo services.

Using direct address feature:

Although you can find links of many different or major yahoo services on Yahoo home page, but still there is another unique way to go directly to the desired page instead of navigating thorough home page. Almost every Yahoo service has its own unique URL through which you can easily go directly to the desired page by simply entering that URL into the address bar of your web browser. This seems tricky as one has to memorize the URL which could prove difficult in order to memorize number of URLs, but Yahoo applies an effective address schema to all services that u only need to remember the method, Hence, if you want to refer to Yahoo news page, all you need to do is to write “news.yahoo.com” in the address bar of your browser. Few more examples are “mail.yahoo.com” for Yahoo mail, “briefcase.yahoo.com” for Yahoo briefcase.

Amongst all the services, the only exclusion to this method is children’s site of Yahoo which is accessed through “yahooligans.com” instead of “children.yahoo.com”


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