List of Top 25 Social Bookmarking News Websites

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Internet is fully loaded with tons of thousands of social bookmarking news websites, However, many of these websites are not worth it for a user to get attracted, this is mainly due to their low ranking which causes very less user turnover and due to the reason that several hundred of them are only junk websites, which never attracted user attention for social news updates. So, the question here is how users are able to get quality social news updates? There must be a proper platform for the users to keep themselves updated with the news of their interest.

In this effort, I have compiled a list of top 25 social bookmarking news websites; all of these websites are authentic and provides updated news.

Below is the list of 25 top social bookmarking news websites shortlisted on the basis of no. of user votes against each story and frequency of comment submission. The list constitutes of some general and specialized social websites which have the potential of providing users with the relevant and updated news.

1- Digg

Digg is a social news website, where people search for updated news and also share content over the widespread internet. You can find information affiliated the biggest websites to the most unidentified blogs.

2- Reddit

Reddit is one of the largest social news websites on the internet world. Reddit enables user to submit his/her own content, that makes Reddit fully loaded with content on different topics, e.g., music, culture, entertainment and politics etc. Reddit supports democratic voting system for its users.

3- Propeller

Propeller brings different stories from several websites, newspapers and magazines to its users. Members of propeller can submit links to stories from all over the internet.

4- Fark

One of its kind, Fark is a social news website that posts the specific, amusing and funny stories from around the world.

5- Slashdot

Slashdot is a social news website that is mainly oriented to news related to technology.

6- Metafilter

MetaFilter, which is also known as “MeFi” to its members, is basically a community based blog which featured the ability to share links and information that different users have discovered on the web.

7- I am bored

I am bored covers all general topics with a strong focus on weird and unconventional news.

8- Mixx

Mixx is a user-driven social media website that assists to help users submit or search articles by connections established on interest and location.

9- Shoutwire

ShoutWire is another community based news weblog with the latest stories on web application technologies. ShoutWire’s broadcasts the most debated articles on its home page.

10- Newsvine

It is a powerful collaborative news media website. Newsvine draws stories from its users and also from other resources, such as “The Associated Press”.

11- Linkswarm

Linkswarm is a social news website where people posts absorbing articles they’d like to share with other people, most splendidly in the form of links to other Internet sites.

12- Truemors

Truemors is a social rumor news website which revolves around the publishing of “genuine rumors that are related, informatory, and absorbing.”

13- Sphinn

This social bookmarking website is tailored for internet and search marketers. Functioning of Sphinn is pretty much similar to Digg.

14- Dzone

DZone is a free community blog for developers where they can share links, related to web development, web design and web programming.

15- Tweako

Tweako covers all aspect of technology with user-submitted articles on information technology and internet.

16- Autospies

Autospies is a social bookmarking website that focuses wholly on news related to automotive, car reviews, auto show photos and videos.

17- Design float

Design Float is a social media website dedicated to the design industry.

18- Ball hype

All the news and stories related to sports, players, live updates, on and off field activities and fan base is available under the umbrella of Ballhype.

19- Buzzflash

Buzzflash is a social bookmarking website with updated stories on politics. Stories submitted by different users are subject to be promoted on first page based on number of user votes.

20- DNhour

With all the information, stories and updated news on domain name, owners, domain hosting companies and professionals, DNhour is particularly tailored to domain name industry.

21- PlugIM

PlugIM contains the updated articles on SEO (Search Engine optimization), marketing and business with majority of information is user-submitted.

22- Hypediss

If you are looking for updated news and stories on fashion, design, urban culture and art, than Hypediss is the right place you can refer to.

23- Lipstick

Lipstick is a celebrity blog portal that contains all the relevant information regarding your favorite celebrities.

24- Teenwag

Teenwag is a crossbred social network with very much digg-style voting system. Main discussion area of Teenwag is entertainment and celebs chat.

25- Muti

Muti is a social bookmarking website just like reddit and Digg, but it is only restricted to the Africans.


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