Adobe stops iPhone’s apps development

| April 22, 2010 | 0 Comments

The drama of Adobe and Apple over the Flash applications development for the iPhone is reaching out to its climax because Adobe have decided to stop Flash application development for iPhone. It all began when Apple applies new Developer PLA (Program License Agreement) for iPhone, which holds a conflicting article 3.3.1 that limits the use of forthcoming Flash-to-iPhone converter. In other words the new PLA make developers to consider before developing any Flash application for iPhone because Apple reserves the rights for casting out any application anytime.

Principal Product Manager of Adobe’s developer relations (Flash developments), Mr. Mike Chambers, officially announces that “we will not be developing any further Flash apps for iPhone”. Mike intimates Flash apps developers to switch their focus on developing Flash apps for Android rather than iPhone in an open letter. Furthermore, Mike also announces adobe’s plan to stop working on the Flash-to-iPhone convertor, but Adobe will continue to ship Flash CS5 to target iPhone and iPad.

Mike strongly picks apart Apple’s behavior with Flash developers and warns them that “when you are developing for iPhone, you have to keep this thing in mind, that Apple can disallow any of your Flash application, or can simply limit your development for its iPhone, anytime they want.”

Hence, no more flash applications for iPhone from Adobe.


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