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Latest study reveals that, when there’s a need to browse updated news over the web, users are lot more oriented toward Facebook instead of Google news. Following this drift, the major famous brands are planning to switch their online marketing platform. You may get the most profit for your advertisement on Facebook, Not Google’s AdWords.

The Facebook social networking website went past Google to gain the claim of most visited website in the U.S. True, that was only one week in April (for the record, the second week). But today the Facebook website has appended another medallion to its cart: According to a research conducted by research firm Hitwise. Facebook’s newsreaders are more firm than those of Google News.

Compared with 67% of Google’s news users, almost 78% of users turned to Facebook to approach more news articles and stories. Moreover, another 77% of Facebook users revert back to the website to propagate online news portals there, compared with 64%of Google News users returning for the same. These statistics are based on the click stream data for the week ending April 17 for the top 5 news media sites.

(Something other to look at: based on traffic, Facebook is getting its way up. It’s up to a banging 185% over this time last year. Google’s trend of 9% indicating it may take second place more often in the future.)

Advertisers and retailers require some surety that visitors will revert back to the website time and time again.”

Facebook users clearly do come back. (Since, they are connected with a network of friends that repeatedly get them back.) Also, they share a goldmine of marketing data, and, of course, organize those networks of friends.

Google can target advertisements based on keywords and personalized search history, but Facebook’s ads in the borders – for which there’s no minimal budget – are ultra-refined, ranging in on users based on age, geography, interests, education level, connections and a range of other data. Hence, “Advertisers who are looking to aim particular users cannot do much better than Facebook,”

Major famous brands are already are switching to Facebook for their online ad dollars from Google. According to the global head of social media, Ciaran Norris that this trend will bring in a rise of $2 billion in global advertisements over the period of next year.

“Before Facebook, there hasn’t really been an international social network of people and this arise of Facebook has entailed that today you’ve a platform which permits you to launch efforts that will extend to users in various regions, Norris added “It costs less than to make a funky micro site, and Facebook is potentially where your audience already is.”

Naturally, you will be able to have your advertisement revealed to entirely the most carefully selected bunch of people – but can you make them read it?

You can follow some best practices for improving your facebook ad and in raising your CTR (click-through rate).


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